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Hey!!! I'm Quinn, nice to meet you.

I'm going to be transparent with you upfront and tell you exactly what the photo industry doesn't want you to hear. They want you to think that getting professional photos taken on your wedding is your BIG MOMENT.

Okay, I'll admit getting married is a HUGE moment. It doesn't have to be your only BIG moment though. Love is love and it deserves to be celebrated. You + your babe deserve to be celebrated every day.

I have good news for you though. You have come to the exact right place to be celebrated and loved. It doesn't matter if you just started dating or have been together for years, are engaged or already married, this is your sign to get couples photos of you and your babe. This moment is meant to be remembered.

So let's start back at the beginning again though and let me introduce myself...

My name is Quinn and I'm an TikTok-obsessed couples photographer, and a born + raised Cambridge girl who also loves to travel and try new things. No matter if you are looking to make some memories with your babe locally or across Ontario, I'm here for it - I want to capture your story in its complete uniqueness.

Not only am I there to capture every moment with you, but I want to serve you. That means I'll help you pick out your outfits, select your location, and provide you support in any way I can. I am here for you every step of the way. 

That means that I'll be your sidekick on your way to capturing memories with you + your babe and we'll have one heck of a good time while doing it.

Love Lots, Quinn

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