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QWP's Top FAQs!!!

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How do we book with you???

Step One: Jump on over to my contact page and fill out my short inquiry form. I get back to all inquiries within 24-48 hours at the worse (...but most times it's way quicker than that)

Step Two: I LOVE to schedule a time in the next couple days following your inquiry with you + your babe so we can all meet, chat, and make sure we are a good fit to work together.

Step Three: If all is good, we book a date and start planning the magic!!!

How far in advance do you book???

For Date Night sessions, I generally book 1-2 months in advance depending on the time of year. With every Date Night session, I have a few steps I take all of my clients through during the planning process including both selecting a location and outfits.

For Weddings + Elopements, I tend to book roughly 1-2 years out at a time as I only take on a certain number of weddings per year. I post regular updates on my homepage as spots for certain years become limited. I also tend to keep a few weekends open per calendar year for last minute micro weddings and celebrations.

How long will our shoot be???

After inquiring with me through my contact page form, I also send back to corresponding pricing guide with my reply. In my guides, you will see the corresponding coverage or session length listed with each package. If you are looking for a length of time different than what is listed in your desired package, let me know and we might be able to customize it for you.

How many photos do I get and how to I receive them???

Just like the length of your session, the included number of images will come down to your selected package. All sessions come with an online proof gallery delivered right to your email inbox. Each gallery includes fully-edited images in both colour + black/white, and a certain number of instant download images of your choice. The number of images per gallery can differ depending on the session time, length, and more. While not all galleries are the same size, there's no need to stress about there not being enough images to pick from...if anything, the stress is that it's too hard to pick just a few.

I'm nervous about getting photos, what do you suggest???

Month this session took place: May

City: Paris, ON


I bet you can't find anywhere locally that feels any more like a HALLMARK MOVIE than downtown Paris. The little shops provide the perfect backdrop for that 'frozen in time' feel. This small town is well worth the drive.

  • If Paris doesn't give you all the ROMANTIC VIBES, idk what will?!?!?

  • Paris has a bunch of street parking options available that are easy to get in and out of

  • Weekends can get busy downtown Paris, especially in the summer, with all the local shops and restaurants

  • Paris is proof that sometimes keeping it simple with only one location can actually provide a TON of VARIETY at the same time

  • Downtown Paris REALLY shows its true colours come GOLDEN HOUR

Victoria Park

Month this session took place: January

City: Kitchener, ON


If you are looking for a session with WINTER WONDERLAND vibes, then this is your place. Victoria has SO many cute spots all year round, but it really shows its true beauty in the winter. In the summer, this is a super cute location if you are looking for picnic vibes. You just have to watch out for the cobra chickens (aka. the Canada geese and their poop)

  • Provides all those WHIMSICAL VIBES come the winter as you can always find a piece of untouched snow a day or two after a snow fall or you can take advantage of the plowed trails as shown below

  • This is a GREAT spot for earlier in the morning or later in the evening

  • In the summer, you have to watch out for that goose poop in the grass as the park is known for its yearly goose population

  • Parking in the summer can be an issue at time with how many people use the park

  • Regardless of how busy the park is, there is always an empty spot to create MAGIC

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