Choosing your ideal wedding photographer

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Choosing your ideal wedding photographer is a HUGE decision. There are more than a few things to consider, and once you've decided on one, you're pretty much stuck with them. Here's what to keep in mind when looking for the right person to capture your special day.

First things first: numbers

Before you even start looking at photographers' portfolios and hearing their sales pitches, there are a few key questions to ask yourself:

  • How many people should be in your wedding party?

  • How many guests will be invited?

  • How long do you want your photographer to be with you on the big day? (If you're doing an engagement shoot, how long would that last?)

  • Where will they go—honeymoon locations included? Locations are great for unique photos but can get expensive if they're far from where your wedding is being held.

  • Do you need more than one photographer for a full coverage of events (like if there's a large family)?

Wedding themes

Finding the perfect wedding photographer is a BIG deal. You want to make sure that your photographer can capture the personality of your wedding, as well as your theme. That's why we at QWP pride ourselves on understanding what it takes to create unique, beautiful images of THE day—and then deliver them in a timely manner.

We offer all styles of photography for every type and size of event, from large balls to small intimate weddings. As an added bonus: all our packages include full-resolution digital images so that if you ever need more prints or albums later on down the line, they won't cost anything extra!!!


  • STYLE: You want to make sure that your photographer has a style that you LOVE. Look through their portfolio and see if their photos match up with yours. Are there any elements missing from your vision for the wedding day??? For example, if you're looking for a more candid feel and the photographer's work is mostly posed and formal, it may not be the best fit:

  • EDITING: A lot of photographers use presets when editing their photos and have their own processes. Some photographers for example are more heavily into "photoshopping" and changing how the people in the image look. Others won't do any skin retouching at all. Make sure you know how much modifications you are looking for when looking for a photographer. At QWP, we will always colour correct, white balance, etc., but we WON'T take off that extra 10 pounds or anything like that. We want to show the most authentic you as possible (that one pimple that popped up over night is not who you are though so don't sweat that part).

  • EMOTION: The emotion captured in a photo is just as important as how beautiful or aesthetically pleasing it looks—and not everyone captures emotion in the same way!!! You'll want to look at how each photographer captures emotion when photographing people individually and together as couples; this will give you insight into how they handle different types of situations throughout an entire wedding day—not just during portraits.


Finding the right photographer is like finding a good match. You want someone who is intelligent, thoughtful, and creative—someone who will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and capture the story of your day in a way that's true to your vision for it!!!

To begin with, START by taking a look at their portfolio. Does their style reflect yours??? If not, it might be best to look elsewhere because they won't be able to create images that make you happy if they don't know what you like. If they do share some common ground with you though, this could be an indication that these two are meant to work together!!!

NEXT UP: don't forget about personality!!! When choosing between two photographers whose work speaks to us on an artistic level—and we're left feeling confused over which one actually fits us better—it can often come down just as much (or more) about how well we click when talking over coffee or during our first meeting together in person with them.

It is crucial to find the right photographer for your wedding day

Your wedding photographer should be able to capture the emotion of your day, the beauty of it, and all of the details that make it so special.

Each person has their own ideas about what makes a good photo. Some like more traditional style photos, some like it modern and edgy. Some prefer candid shots while others want more posed photos. We are all different, which is why we need to find photographers who are a good match for our style.

When you go through portfolios on sites like this one, look at each photographer’s work carefully before deciding whether or not they’re right for you!!!


Keep in mind that the BEST way to know if you’ve found a wedding photographer that fits your exact needs will be by meeting them IN PERSON or over ZOOM. This gives you the opportunity to see their portfolio and discuss pricing details, but also understand what kind of personality they have. From there, it’s just a matter of getting everything finished up so you can start planning for your BIG day!!!