How to prepare for your couples photo session

Pull up a seat girl, because I'm about to spill all the tea about how to best prepare for a photo session with you and your babe

If you're new here, I'm Quinn. A portrait photographer that has been capturing the best moments with couples for a number of years now. No matter if you are local and booked in with me or far away and booked with someone else, I want you to be prepared and stress-free.

The first thing that I tell all of my couples is the more planning that is done a head of time, the more fun you will have in the days leading up to and during your session. One step that I take with all of my clients is as soon as they book a session date, I also book a zoom call about a week before the session with them. This helps in so many ways. The first is that it allows us to actually see each other's faces. How many people have shown up to where you are suppose to meet someone, but have no idea what they look like and get that super uneasy feeling? It's not fun. By booking a call prior to the session together, you know who I am and I know who you are so it takes a lot of the guess work out of it.

The second step is to figure out what you want to wear clothing wise beforehand. Lay them out, try them on. Finding clothes for yourself can sometimes be a task, but once you have to coordinate with someone else as well it can take some extra thought. I always recommend that you and your babe pick clothes that are part of the same colour palette. You can never go wrong with solid colours and neutrals as your base. Maybe pick a nice pair of jeans and then find a coloured shirt that makes you pop. Or maybe a cute dress and a statement shoe. It's all about picking clothing items that look great, but don't take away from your natural beauty. When you look at your photos afterwards, you want the viewer's eye to go to your face first and not your clothes. All eyes on you.

On top of what the clothing looks like, you also want to make sure that your clothing matches the season, especially if you are having an outside session. If you have experienced a Canadian winter, you know what I mean. Even a winter coat can be made to look cute.

My final preparation suggestion for any session is to take a deep breath. Cheesy...I know, but so true and worth it. By time you get to your session date, there will be nothing to worry about if you have put the work in to prepare ahead of time. A good photographer will be able to work with even the most self-proclaimed "awkward" photo taker so take a breath and push the worry away. I promise everything will go as it's meant to and look great in the end. Photos are about capturing moments and making memories. Embrace the moment and make the most of it.

Cheers :)