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Leah + John's Surprise Proposal Session

November 2021 - Puslinch, ON

I did a post about this session on my Instagram a while ago and it blew up so I thought I would expand the gallery specifically for this session in order to share more of my time with them.

Story Time:

Leah and I connected through Instagram in October and immediately she loved the pine tree location that I wanted to shoot at to capture her and John for a couples session. Personally, I love pine tree forests because they're normally planted in rows that are so visually pleasing.

Anyways. Leah and I got everything set up and I was pumped for the session together like I typically am with all of my clients. Then, one day, I get a message from John asking if I would be okay if he proposed during our photo session together. Of course I said YESSSS.

This was literally the sweetest message I had ever gotten and honestly it felt so surreal at first that someone would want to do that at one of my sessions. That was one of those moments that I knew I had levelled up my business. John and I went back and forth for a couple days and decided on exactly how we were going to do it.

If you have ever worked with me, you know that my on-location creative workflow starts with some more of your typical posed images and then we move into walking, goofing around, and overall having a good time. With Leah and John, we got through the posed ones and started in on some moving around, fun ones. I would reveal all of my secrets, but I instructed them on one where Leah would have her eyes close and then blindly react to John's portion of the action pose.

If you saw it coming in my story by now, then you would have guessed that instead of John doing what I said he was suppose to, he actually got down on one knee and started proposing. The second she hear him start talking, she opened her eyes, saw him down on one knee, and starting crying. It was one of the most powerful moments that I have ever been a part of.

So with all that being said, I wanted to share some of the best moments from that amazing session I had with Leah and John.


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