My Tiktok Journey Thus Far...

Deciding to start a business Tiktok account seemed like a no brainer and something fun to do at the beginning of Covid-19, but then came the real work.

I'm sure by now that the majority of us have found ourselves sucked down the wormhole of Tiktok and still scrolling your fyp 2 hours later. I know I sure have (...on a weekly basis at least).

The point partly being that there is so much short form content on Tiktok that it is easy to get lost scrolling as a consumer, but it also means that there's tons of room to get lost and remain unheard as a creator. While I am not speaking from the prospective of someone that can be deemed one of the large influencers, I can speak from the perspective of someone that is in the position of fighting to be heard. I have learned a lot from the platform over the past year and a bit and I want to share my experiences.

#1 - Trendy doesn't mean that you'll get views

One advice that you hear people share all the time about the app is to make videos that follow trends. Don't feel like you have to conform to fit in. If you are loving whatever sound is trendy and want to do your own take on it, go for it. If it's not really you, don't sweat it. An example is that as I write this, there's a trending sound going around that features a lot of gun shot noises and small creators are seeing amazing growth from it, but you won't be seeing such sound in my content any time soon. I am not a fan of the gun culture that has become popular in North America and so I won't be participating. Does that mean I won't see growth because of it? Maybe. But it is about knowing yourself and what opportunities you are open to taking. At the end of the day, you won't get anywhere pretending to be something you're not just for views. Stand by what your gut tells you.

#2 - Make content for your audience (...and you)

Another piece of advice that you hear all the time in regards to social media for businesses is to make content for your audience and your target market, not for you. I would challenge that to some degree and say to go ahead and make it about yourself. What does that mean though? What I mean by it is yes, make content that is directed towards and customized to your audience, but make the content for yourself so that way it doesn't matter how many people see it, you are still just as proud and in love with the content as when it was in your draft folder. For a platform like Tiktok that can take a lot of time creating and posting content, you have to be happy with what you are producing.

#3 - You don't have to be deeply in love with everything you post

I know I just said to make content that makes you happy, but also the nice thing about short form content is that it comes and goes with a shorter lifespan than other content. You'll hear people say that your best video is always the one you leave in your drafts. While you might get some drafts that you just know are a hot mess that need to go in the trash, but that one that you are sitting on the fence about, post it anyways. What is the worst thing that can happen? That you get no engagement and it fades away within a day? That doesn't sound like the end of the world if you ask me.

#4 - Enjoy it

Like any journey, you have to stop and smell the roses along the way. Posting 3+ videos a day to try to see growth and stay on others' fyp can be exhausting at times. I know. I've been there. Make sure to take your time and if that means taking a day or week off from it, then do it. I believe that when you are doing what you know to be right for yourself, there is no rights or wrongs. You are must better to take that time off and come back with a full glass than trying to pour every day from an empty glass

While I know that this is only still the beginning of my Tiktok journey, I can say that like anything, if it is right for you you will succeed at it. The biggest lesson that I have ever learned from social media is to do what you want and what you believe will succeed and screw everything else. There is no point to stressing if your hair is just right or if you will blow up every time you post. authenticity actually comes through short form content better when you stop trying to be that perfect, trendy person. You will always be enough for the people that aren't meant to find you.

Love Lots,

Quinn xoxo