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Quinn's Wedding Hot Takes - December 2022

As a Southern Ontario wedding photographer, I live in the world of weddings and I have my quarterly wedding hot takes here for you. Some I'm loving, some I think could go. Do you agree what me on these???

#1 - CANDLES IN A WEDDING: On the fence

In my home, I am a sucker for a good candle. A bath and body works candle sale, I'm in!!! But when it comes to weddings, I'm a little hesitate on this trend. Like in the photo here, they can really elevate the overall look of your wedding. Candles can also serve to make your wedding feel very homey.

I will say that this is a trend that I am very on the fence about because of a few reasons. 1) Who is taking home all of the leftover candles afterwards? Usually decorative candles like these won't fill your house with a yummy scent so afterwards let's be honest, they'll never be used and 2) have you seen any drunk person ever at a wedding? As a wedding photographer, I'm there to help the bride and groom keep the flow of their event as best as possible on top of just taking photos. Flow never includes order an accidental tripping over a candle on the floor nor does it include any alcohol-induced ideas that might come up later in the night. The pure safety concerns with having lite candles is huge for me.

I just beg you that if you decide to go with lite candles at your wedding, please please please think through how you are using them and where you are putting them.


I am a SUCKER for a custom leather or jean jacket regardless of what time of year your wedding is, but especially in the late summer/fall.

Not only is the practical side of keeping you warm if your wedding is outside, but I think it really works to bring the outfit together depending on your dress of choice. If you have a massive ball gown, maybe not. But any dress that is on the less poofy side, 100% YAAASSSS!!!

I am also a HUGE advocate with getting the custom jacket ahead of time if possible. Make use of it. Wear it to your shower or bachelorette. My only word to the wise with this one is if you are outright purchasing the jacket yourself, stay away from one that says "Bride to be" on it. Like everything else in this area, once you're married you won't wear it again. Do something like in the photo here where it takes more about your name or your date or something like that.

If you love this look, but aren't sure that a custom jacket is really something you want to purchase yourself, there are tons of companies now that rent custom feeling jackets like these.

#3 - PHOTO WALLS + GUESTBOOKS: I'm HERE for it!!!...Mostly

I LOVE the idea of having something like a photo wall or photo guest book that is more personal that just the traditional guest book with signatures.

With a traditional signature book, the ink fades over time and some people's writing now a days is just horrible to be completely honest about it.

A photo wall/book on the other hand will last longer and capture more of who the people are and the fun you had on your wedding day.

To be honest, I don't personally love this rustic one in the example photo, but I do love the idea. It is a fun activity that your guests can be a part of during cocktail hour or while you are getting your couples portraits taken with your photographer. You can do it yourself with a polaroid camera that are reasonably cheap these days or if you worry about the tech skills of your guests, some photographers offer a photo booth option to take the photos for the wall as an add-on.

#4 - TALL/LARGE CENTERPIECES: Never want to see again!!!

This one is more of my personal hot take compared to a professional one, but honestly who likes centerpieces that are over the top in one way or another???

As someone sitting at the table, it is SUPER DIFFICULT to talk to people other that the two sitting one on each side of you.

As an alternative, consider doing something on the shorter and smaller side like in the example photo here or I have also seen weddings where they incorporate a bottle of wine for the table into the initial look of the centerpieces, but then as the night goes on, the wine is drank and this specific problem is solved.

#5 - WEDDING FAVOURS: Be strategic about this!!!

Favours have been a hot topic now for sometime in 2022 so I thought I would throw in my two cents.

I will be the first to admit that I have the shot glass favour sitting on my desk in my office from the first wedding I ever photographed. I personally think that one is cool because it was the first and was a milestone for me, but let's be honest that most guests coming to your wedding don't need another shot glass in their kitchen. And as a wedding vendor, these favours add up fast.

My recommendation would be to make your favours (if you feel like you just have to have them) into something people will want and will actually use.

I personally am OBSESSED with these smore ones in the example photo. Like first of all, how cute are they??? Secondly, while yes not everyone is a marshmallow kind of person, everyone likes a snack. A s'more at home after a night of drinking and partying sounds great to me!!!


I'm totally a person that normally gets stuck between loving traditional and wanting something out of the box. I think these bouquets are some of the best balance between those two ideas that I have ever seen. I love the idea of having more than just the two colours of your wedding colours included in your BIG DAY. Something like the bouquet in the example photo here is a great way of not have to just pick certain flowers than only come in certain colours. It's fun and flirty while still being classy and gorgeous. I'm 100% on team wildflower for this one.

If you liked or disagreed with any of my December hottakes, let me know in the comments below. Explain what you would do differently or why you also love it.

*Please note that I do not own the rights to any of the photos used in this article. They are simply example images pulled for the internet in order to help explain my opinions stated in this article.


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