QWP's TOP 5 Wedding Planning Questions to Ask Yourself

Sharing all the tea on the most important questions to ask yourself and think about while planning your wedding that I've learned from my experiences with weddings and talking with brides.

How much do I want to spend vs. How much can I spend???

This is a question that I wish more couples would ask themselves before their BIG DAY. Not to mention that it can be heartbreaking to watch when they don't. I've seen SO many couples plant the wedding of their dream day and then realize that they won't be able to make it come true. This isn't to say that you shouldn't get what you want or dream of, but to be conscious of the choices you make about what to spend the most money on. Sit down with your partner before planning anything and figure out how much they have the ability to spend, how much you have the ability to spend, and if you are getting any contributions from family or friends. While putting things on credit is usually an option for most, listen to me when I promise you that you'll feel better after the wedding if you don't have a large debt bill that you now have to work hard to pay off for things you might then regret spending money on.

Do you want to get married locally or at a destination???

After establishing your budget for your wedding, you'll want to think about where you want to get married. While there be travel costs associated with it? Is it a premier venue that costs more? Will your guests have to travel in order to attend your wedding? All of these can come with a financial cost so make sure you are in love with whatever your plan is. Personally, this is something that I would be more open to investing money in compared to some other aspects.

How can you make your BIG DAY meaningful and reflect you + your babe???

I know you hear this a lot from everywhere, but honestly plan your day for you + your babe and not truely for others. They aren't the ones getting married after all. Have your favourite food served at dinner. Have your dog be your ring bearer. Do what will make the two of you happy. Don't just do it because someone tells you to (even though I guess that's kind of what this whole blog post is about haha)

Make sure to set time aside on your BIG DAY for just you + your babe!!!

Okay so I know...this one isn't a question, but it is one of the BIGGEST and BEST pieces of advice that I can give you from my experience. No matter if this means 10 minutes or an hour. Purposefully set aside some amount of time in your wedding timeline for just the two of you to be able to step out of the commotion of the day and take a moment just to the two of you. Soak all the emotions of the day in together. Trust me on this one because I promise that you won't regret it :)

How do I want to capture your BIG DAY?

So to end this off, of course I have to make a shameless plug about why you should hire me as your wedding photographer. What kind of business owner would I be if I didn't sneak it in somewhere. In all seriousness though, make sure you do your research into how you want your day captured (photo, video, live painting, etc) and who you are hiring to do that. Make sure to see tons of their work before you commit to any packages and make sure to book some kind of call or meeting with them. Especially for photographers, you end up spending most of the day with them so they need to be someone you like, are comfortable around, and someone that with capture this moments exactly as you would want them. Don't compromise on this aspect of your planning. Fight for what you want. Memories fade, but photos, video, etc don't!!!