The Couples Session That Started It All

While I had started shooting a variety of images as a hobbiest a couple years before, it was 2016 when I took on my first actual client and started my photo biz.

Originally, it wasn't called Quinn Walsh Photography. I started out as Rock Head Media. The logo was a little stick person body with a curling rock head. Really where it came from was a graphic design project I had in high school and I had no other business name ideas at the time. If you know me, you know that I'm obsessed with the sport of curling and it just so happened that my first client was part of the curling world.

My first photos were super noisy, but I still knew from them that this is what I wanted to do with my life. I knew that I wanted to run around and capture the best, real moments for my subjects.

Very soon after that, I changed my biz name to the now Quinn Walsh Photography. I felt that it suited my brand better and really what's more timeless than being me.

Fast forward three years and I shifted more and more into doing portrait photography. At the time, I was really into shooting families, but when your best friend asks you to take photos for her...of course you say yes!!!


This is one of my favourite images from the day. I love it not only because it's of my bestie, but because it's light, breezy, relaxed, but exciting. All of those are also exact words that I would use to describe the two of them.

A couples photo session should be all about you and your babe. The photos should show exactly who you two are. It should capture the most authentic moments between you two. You should get a feeling of love, passion and power from your couples photos if the photographer did their job.

From that gallery onwards I knew exactly where my photographic journey would take me. Fast forwards to 2022 and I have worked with so many amazing couples and there are so many more to meet still to come.

Check out some of the other AMAZING images from that OG couples shoot:

Love lots,