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Wedding Veil Trends: Original Versus Traditional

We are honestly in a weird place in the wedding industry currently. We are at a crossroads between going back to previous traditions versus sticking with wanting to be original and unique. This 100% is not a new battle, but I personally think that this round of it will be really interesting to see how it plays out. We're still in that post-Covid19 wedding era and now one can argue that the pandemic didn't change the course of a lot of things. Part of that battle between uniqueness and tradition is wedding veil. Should a bride be wearing a veil? Are veils still relevant? What is the current meaning behind wearing a veil?

While I don't have all the answers for you, I can tell you that bridal veils are becoming this interesting player in the battle between tradition and uniqueness. Veils are becoming this almost middle ground between the two sides. A veil can feel completely traditional, completely one of a kind, or even land somewhere in the middle. Here are some of the most popular trends in bridal veils this year and how they really land on a spectrum overall.

The Pearl Veil

Everything pearls have been super popular over the past two years and it's easy to see why. Pearls visually are simple, dainty, and monotone. Because they have always been associated with style and class, they make for a great way to easily level up your look. This is a great option if you are looking for something different from the traditional plain veil, but still want to keep the personalization to a minimal.

Woman wearing a wedding veil with pearls on it

*I do not own this image or rights to it. The image is inspiration purposes only. Image taken from Etsy/Bridal By Valeria.

The Patterned (But Subtle) Veil

I personally love these veils. A lot of the time these simple and classic options pay homage to past decades that feel like completely different worlds at this point. Just like the pearl veil, these types of veils tend to be that perfect balance between unique and traditional, but leans slightly more towards traditional. I love this one in the inspo image and the 50s/60s vibe it has. Again, so simple and classy, but such a statement at the same time.

Woman wearing a 1950s inspired wedding veil

*I do not own this image or rights to it. The image is inspiration purposes only. Image taken from Megan Therese Bridal and Accessories

The Embroidered Veil

Now we're tipping the scale towards the unique and original side of the table. An embroidered veil 100% makes it feel like a one-of-a-kind item that has been handmade just for that bride even if it isn't. I personally could stare at some of these for hours just taking every detail in.

A woman wearing a long wedding veil with flowers embroidered throughout it

*I do not own this image or rights to it. The image is inspiration purposes only. Image taken from Crown and Glory Accessories

The Custom Embroidered Veil

If I was to get married myself today and have a long veil this would be personally it for me. No matter if you get your last name or your two initials or something else embroidered into your veil, this is honestly the option that is one-of-a-kind. I would highly recommend adding a personal detail like this to your wedding even if it isn't part of your veil.

A long veil embroidered with Mrs Wild on the bottom

*I do not own this image or rights to it. The image is inspiration purposes only. Image taken from Ashley Wild Bridal

The Bow/Small Veil

This is another one that I am personally in love with. This is a great option to include in the debate over tradition versus unique because it has feels of both while being something you don't see every day. Veils like this are such a modern and fun twist while maintaining that traditional feel. I also love it because the bow version in the inspo image is just one of the many versions of this type of veil/hairpiece that fall into this category.

A wedding veil tied into a bow around the bride's ponytail

*I do not own this image or rights to it. The image is inspiration purposes only. Image taken from Etsy/ Shleif Dress Co

In Conclusion...

Like anything else in wedding planning, you need to make choices that are right for you and are what you want and not what other people say you have to do/have. I wanted to write this in order to give the brides that know that they want a veil for this wedding, but don't want to stick to the typical plain looking one. If you choose to have or go without a veil that is truly up to you, but I see it as my role as a wedding vendor to provide inspiration and education to nearly weds in order to make the wedding planning process a little easier because God knows no one teaches you how to plan a wedding before you're neck deep in it.

If you are at the part of the wedding planning process where you are looking for a wedding photographer for your BIG DAY, then we need to chat!!! Let's jump on a discovery call together and talk through your vision for the day and how I can help bring that to life while capturing it all so you can have these memories for years to come.

Love Lots,

Quinn :)

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