Why you need professional photos taken as a couple

Here are my top 5 reasons why you and your babe should drop what you're doing and book a couples session right now.

  1. You deserve it - Let's start this list off strong with a blanket statement which is 100% true. When was the last time that you two did anything just for yourselves? If you're parents as well as a couple, you def know what I'm talking about. Being an adult can get messy and comes with a lot of responsibilities. You deserve to take the time and just do something for the two of you for once.

  2. Feel those butterflies again - to go along with the first point, when those responsibilities come along, it can be hard to keep the romance turned up to 11 like it was when you were first dating. Ebb and flows and natural, but why not take the chance to bring those butterflies back for at least one afternoon. You never know, they might just stick around for a while too.

  3. Maybe even get some sexy time out of it - Nothing says where on the scale between G rated and R rated your session can be. The session is all about you as a couple so it should represent you. If you and your babe are more into the cute little walk in the park, then do that. If you and your babe want something a little steamier, then I'm here for that too. If a session doesn't represent who you two are, then something went wrong in the planning stages with your photographer. Never be afraid to speak up and say what your vision/idea is.

  4. Recreate an important moment in your relationship - Why not recreate a moment that's special to both you, your babe, and your story. If you met at a specific Dairy Queen for your first date, why not have some fun and go back and do a shoot in their parking lot? Your session, location, and all that fun stuff should be special and intimate to you and your babe regardless what the rest of the world might think.

  5. To celebrate exactly who you are - The most important thing when booking a couples session (if I haven't already hinted at it) is to take a moment for yourselves and let the world go by. We are so sucked into our phones and the busy world around us all the time. Why not take 30, 60, 90 minutes and just be present with each other in that moment. Believe me, you'll thank me later about how rewarding taking a moment just for you and your babe truly is.

If any of this has struck a note with you, please take the moment and reach out to your local couples photographer (that's me if you're in Southern Ontario). Let's set up a time to talk about the story you and your babe are writing together and how we can create a special session that captures that exact story together.

Love Lots,

Quinn :)