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Ladies + Couples Boudoir

In need of a confidence boost??? This is your sign. No matter if you are looking for a solo session or a little spicy time with your partner, this is the ultimate way to boost your confidence and treat yourself.

Boudoir is one of the most artful and tasteful types of photography that there is. No matter if you are in a relationship, situationship, or a signle pringle, boudoir is the confidence boost you've been looking for. The only trick to boudoir is that you have to do it for yourself and no one else. It is all about the subject in the frame. While a boudoir session + album can be a great wedding gift, it's not about your partner.

I offer a variety of Boudoir session packages depending on exactly what you (+ your babe) are looking for. My Boudoir packages start at $450 depending on the amount of coverage, location, number of outfits, and number of images you are looking for from your session.

To book a free intro call (no commitment required) or to go ahead + start planning a session together, fill out my contact form and let the magic begin.

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