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Intimate and nude don't have to mean the same thing if you don't want it to. Boudoir is all about opening up, being vulnerable, and...okay looking sexy AF, but that's all because you're going to feel confident as all get out!!!

No matter what your vibe is, I am here to be you HYPE girl and get you to feeling fierce and confident for days. Boudoir comes in some many versions to let's find the one that's perfect for you whether that being fully clothed with a hint of skin, something more along the lines of fully nude with just a sheet, or anywhere in between. It's all about you!!!

Boudoir Packages start at $550 (all in.)

*All QWP boudoir packages include the option of being in a studio/hotel room or outdoors in package pricing


Step 1 - You shoot me a message over on my inquire page and I get back to you within 24 hrs (who the heck likes waiting anyways?!?!?!)

Step 2 - You and I will all jump on a call together to chat, you'll spill all the tea all about any visions you have for the session and what you would feel comfortable doing for the session with help from some questions from me

Step 3 - We'll get you all booked into my calendar, sign the contract, pay the deposit amount, and start planning all the rest of the details!!!


I only take on so many boudoir sessions a month so make sure to slide into my DMs sooner than later in order to secure your spot!!!

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