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Let Us Capture This Moment For You

Are you ready for it???

Thank you SOOOOO much for considering me to be your photographer. I CAN'T wait to chat more with you and see what magic we can create together. Every moment deserves to be a BIG one worth remembering!!!

HERE'S the next steps:

1. Fill out the form below + give me ALLL the details. I'll respond within 48 hrs with all the info you need

2. We'll schedule and jump on a short Zoom call to meet + chat about what you have in mind for the date night, wedding, or boudoir session, what packages I offer, and ALLL the juicy details


3. I'll send you over the session contract to sign + instructions on how to pay the corresponding deposit (both are SUPER simple...I promise)

4. Boom. Done. You're off to the races and we're on track to make some MAGIC happen :)

Once you are in my calendar, we can chat more about your vision!!!

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