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Date Night Sessions

Who says you have to be engaged or married to treat you + your babe to some epic photos?!?!?

I offer a wide range of packages in order to best suit what you are vibing with for some special just because photos of the two of you. Your love is epic regardless if you have a ring on your finger or not and you deserve to have that captured. Plus, having bomb content for the gram doesn't hurt either.

Date Night Packages start at $250 (all in.)


Step 1 - You shoot me a message over on my inquire page and I get back to you within 24 hrs (who the heck likes waiting anyways?!?!?!)

Step 2 - You, your babe, and I will all jump on a call together to chat, you'll spill all the tea all about your fav things to do together and any visions you have for the session

Step 3 - We'll get you two all booked into my calendar, sign the contract, pay the deposit amount, and start planning all the rest of the details!!!

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