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QWP's FAVOURITE Portrait Locations!!!

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Dickson Park

Month this session took place: July

City: Cambridge, ON


This is ONE of my all time fav spots to shoot at. Regardless of the time of year, it gives you cute, small town vibes. The best part about this spot is the old fashioned grandstand. This is such an ICONIC spot for heritage in Cambridge.

  • BEST spot if you are looking for that hometown feel

  • Works well with both afternoon and evening light

  • Is a SUPER cute spot for both summer and winter sessions

  • Parking can be limited due to other events happening at the park depending on the season

Queen's Square

Month this session took place: July

City: Cambridge, ON


If you are wanting a location that is the perfect mix of urban, but simple THIS is your place. The cobblestone buildings mixed with the newer-style college building makes a SUPER romantic spot. There's even a road down the side of the school here that is perfect for those artsy shots.

  • GREAT for session with a small town feel without being too urban

  • Features some awesome architecture

  • The square can be busy with pedestrian and car traffic at times

  • Works for both weekday and weekend sessions

Downtown Galt

Month this session took place: May + December

City: Cambridge, ON


While this is more of an area than a specific spot, it 100% makes my fav list because there are SO many possibilities with it. Downtown Galt even features the ICONIC double-arch bridge that has been featured in numerous tv and film productions.

  • There are SO many great spots downtown Galt that it's hard to just pick one favourite

  • If you don't mind walking a block or two, we can make use of multiple different spots during your session

  • Like any downtown core area, there can sometimes be interesting people even though the area is completely safe and patrolled

  • There are multiple different public parking lots and on-street parking throughout the entire downtown