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The top 4 reasons why you should book an engagement photo session

No matter if we are personally married, currently engaged, or still waiting to find our person, we all know how exciting and full of emotions proposing or being proposed to is. Once you've put a ring on it and said yes, wedding planning is it's own game that no one if ever fully prepared for.

One of the first vendors you need to book for your wedding is your photographer. A question that comes up in the wedding world a lot is if you need engagement photos or if wedding day photos are enough. While there is no hard and fast answer because honestly, it's a personal question that isn't universal, here are my top 4 reasons why you should book an engagement photo session with your wedding photographer of choice.

A kissing couple stands close together in a sunlit park with a large water fountain in the background
Engagement Photos | Southern Ontario | Hamilton, ON

1. Get comfortable in front of the camera as well as with your photographer:

An engagement session serves as a great opportunity for couples to get comfortable in front of the camera before their BIG DAY. It also doubles as the best chance to see what working with your photographer of choice is really like. Many couples feel nervous or self-conscious about being photographed, but an engagement session provides a relaxed environment to ease those nerves. Let's also be honest here when we say that your photographer is one of, if not the vendor you will spend the most amount of time with on your wedding day. You want to make sure you are the same vibe and can work together to create the best photo magic for you to look back on.

2. Take a break from wedding planning :

Your engagement is a significant milestone that deserves capturing. Through an engagement session, you have the chance to take a break from the chaos of wedding planning and have an excuse to focus just on the two of you. Whether it's sunset at the beach, a cozy coffee date, or an adventure in your favorite city, your engagement photos should reflect you two as a couple and honestly give you an excuse to have a cute date at the same time.

3. Help personalize your wedding day:

We all know that your engagement photos are going to end up on the 'gram and as your profile photo across your socials, but they can also be for so much more than that. Incorporate your engagement photos into your wedding décor, invitations, guest book, and more. This adds a personal touch to your special day that's also a super easy personal detail that your guests will love. One less thing you have to think about designing.

4. Trial run your hair and makeup:

I already mentioned about how an engagement session is a great way to see what it would be like working with your wedding photographer. An engagement session also can provide you with an opportunity to do a trial run with your hair and makeup artists ahead of the BIG DAY. Testing different looks during your engagement session allows you to see how they translate in photos and make any adjustments as needed. This ensures that you feel confident and camera-ready on your wedding day, knowing exactly how you'll look in your photos.

In conclusion...

If you have been thinking about getting engagement photos taken, this is your sign to dive in and do it. These are 4 of the most straightforward and logical reasons to book a session, but more than anything it's about taking this moment in time for the two of you to simple celebrate the two of you.

If you're ready to book a session, my inbox is open and I would love to chat about capturing you + your babe. Slide on into my DM's here:


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