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Questions You'll Be Asked While Inquiring With A Wedding Photographer

Most wedding photographers will have you complete a contact form on their website in order to inquire with them while will ask you a few questions. They will then set up a time in-person, over the phone, or on zoom where they will ask you + your babe even more questions so they can get to know you and learn how they can best serve you while capturing moments on your BIG DAY.

This is the process that I follow with my photography clients so I thought I would share some of the questions that you will be asked in order to help you think some of them through before you jump on that call with your wedding photographer of choice.

  1. Do you have a date set?

  2. Have you secured a venue?

  3. Where are you + your babe getting ready?

  4. Do you plan on doing a first look/touch?

  5. If yes to the first look/touch, do you know where would like that to happen?

  6. Do you have any spots in mind where you would like to do wedding party and bride and groom photos?

  7. How many people are in your wedding party?

  8. How long do you expect your ceremony to be?

  9. Is the ceremony and reception in different locations?

  10. Where is your reception, if different?

  11. Will you be having a cocktail hour?

  12. Is it important to you + your babe to be present during cocktail hour?

  13. Are there any special/unusual parts of your wedding day that we should be aware of?

  14. Are you working with a planner?

  15. Who is your DJ or band?

  16. Do you have a videographer?

While these are just a few of the possible questions that they might ask, the entire point of your photographer asking these types of questions is to understand and learn about the vision you have for the day along with logistical points so they can best plan their day as well as connect with other vendors to make sure your day is as stress-free as possible.

Are you located in Ontario and not sure where to start looking for a wedding photographer? Look no further. Jump over to my contact page and submit my form (which has a number of the above questions) and let's chat about how we can work together to authentically capture your bold, authentic love :)

Quinn Walsh

Ontario Couples, Wedding and Boudoir Photographer


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